May 22, 2018 · Mac computers that have any of the following ports can connect to HDMI devices. Learn how to identify the ports on your Mac. HDMI port: Connects directly to HDMI using an HDMI cable. USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port: Connects to HDMI using an adapter, such as the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.

How to connect YouTube to TV. If you prefer to connect YouTube to Smart TV via computer, start the service app on your TV and presses the Settings item in the menu on the left, then select the item Connect TV and phone using the arrow keys on the remote control and choose the option Insert TV code. May 17, 2019 · Step 3: Buy an adaptor to hook up your TV and Mac. Now you know which ports your Mac and TV have, you need to buy an adaptor to connect them. We look at each type of adaptor below. If you have an HDMI ready TV and Mac then all your need is an HDMI lead. You can get a 3 meter HDMI cable from Amazon Basics here for £6.49. Sometimes, however, you need to let your Mac know before you pull out the cable. To remove an iPod connected by USB, for example, your Mac wants you to click a tiny little icon in the iTunes software source list, next to the name you’ve assigned the portable music player. Failure to click the icon can cause unpleasant consequences. If you're trying to connect a 4K display or Ultra HD TV with your Mac, make sure your computer meets the requirements for using these external displays. If your software and firmware are up to date, or if you can't see the image on your screen, try the steps below for your specific issue. Sep 21, 2017 · Native VGA ports have long been gone on laptop models. If your computer still has them, then you can simply connect one end of the VGA cable to your laptop and the other end to your TV, but if not, you can connect your laptop to a TV with a VGA port by using a Thunderbolt adapter that has one. To do this: Plug the Thunderbolt adapter to your Mac. Feb 17, 2018 · All you need to hook up a computer to your TV is an HDMI cable, your television, and a Mac or PC. These cables can be found for very inexpensive prices, like the Syncwire HDMI cable available for just $6.99 on Amazon.

Plug the power adaptor into your Mac mini and plug the other end into your power outlet. Press the power button on the back of the Mac mini. 2. Attach to your TV or monitor

How to use a second screen with a Mac, connect a monitor Here's how to do that: How to view your Mac screen on a TV. If you are using your Mac with an external screen and want to close the lid on your MacBook here's How to use MacBook with lid closed

From there you will need an active VGA to composite video converter box. The same goes for the 2nd Mini DisplayPort machine. The machine with the DVI connector may or may not support VGA output via an adapter (depends on the graphics card), but if it does you can hook up the VGA output to the same converter box and have all 3 on your TV.

Hook up Apple Mac Mini to TV, Instructions? Options Apr 18, 2017 How do I hook up a smart TV to my Imac? - Apple Community May 26, 2014