Charter copyright infringement notice. What should I do

The DMCA is often used by angry copyright claimants seeking to have an ISP remove infringing works under its “notice and takedown” procedures, described above. To protect against the unjustified use of this provision, Congress provided section 512(f), which permits Internet publishers to bring affirmative claims against copyright owners who Charter Spectrum - Terms of Service and Policies Charter strives to provide consumers with accessible, easy-to-understand information about the services we provide, so they can make informed decisions about which services meet their needs. Minnesota Important Notice About 911 Calling Tennessee Porting Wireless Notice California Post Disaster Consumer Protection Notice Spectrum Business Dear Spectrum Internet Subscriber The DMCA permits copyright owners to notify Charter if they believe that a Charter customer has infringed their work(s). When Charter receives a notice from a copyright owner, Charter will notify the identified customer of the alleged infringement by providing them a copy of the notice. How to Handle a Copyright Infringement Notice From Your ISP

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Aug 04, 2011 Charter Can’t Sue Over False DMCA Notices, Record Labels Charter submitted a counterclaim accusing the labels of sending inaccurate DMCA takedown notices. The claim comes after the music companies removed 272 sound recordings and 183 music compositions from their initial complaint. These were dropped after the record labels were ordered to produce further evidence that they indeed owned the rights. Charter Can't Sue Over False DMCA Notices, Record Labels

Aug 02, 2013

Charter Countersues Music Companies for Sending Inaccurate Breaking Internet provider Charter Communications has submitted its answer to the piracy liability lawsuit filed by major record labels. The ISP denies many of the allegations and also strikes back. In a recent filing, it accuses the music companies of violating copyright law by sending DMCA notices for content they don't own. Last year, several… Charter Countersues Music Companies for Sending Inaccurate Mar 19, 2020