The touch screen of my Google Nexus 7 does not work anymore

Solutions and fixes to Nexus 7 slow charging and battery drain issue. Remove all apps running on the background: Android tries to work like a computer operating system with true multitasking capabilities. This means that even if you close an app, it might still run on the background. Nexus 7 Screen Capture Does Not Work. It Actually Does. Nexus 7 Screen Capture Does Not Work. It Actually Does. Symptom: I have learned that you can do Volume-Down plus Power simultaneous button press to capture the screen as a part of the Jellybean feature. I tried this many times and it did not work. Only thing I saw coming up was the volume control. Solution: Google Nexus 7 WiFi Problem - No Internet - Home I have experienced this with my new Google Nexus 7 device. The solution applies to all Google/Android such as the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus Prime. I have discovered the solution to this random problem! The problem lies with the date & time settings of your device.

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Bad Performance After Upgrading to Android 4.2. The Android 4.2 upgrade severely bogged down … SOLVED: Nexus 7 will not power on. - Nexus 7 - iFixit

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rooting - fastboot doesn't see device - Android I use Windows 7 Professional and my phone is recognized as HT1CSTR05155. My fastboot was not detecting device but adm was working fine and your answer led me to what I was missing. For my Google Galaxy Nexus it was Samsung Android ADB Interface. How to fix Google Nexus 7 sound or volume is not working Apr 29, 2013